• Private Lessons
    Private Lessons
    Our private lessons are great for students of all skill levels and interests. They provide individualized instruction with customizable options to fit every student.
  • Drum and Drummer - School of Percussion
    Drum and Drummer - School of Percussion
    The Swankiest Music School on Planet Earth! Come visit us for your personal tour.
  • Affordable Group Classes
    Affordable Group Classes
    Group Classes for Drums & Guitar are a great way to learn for students of all ages and skill levels. Classes are offered in groups of up to ten students to allow for one-on-one attention as well as assembly learning.
  • Colored Stick Program
    Colored Stick Program
    We are excited to offer Erik Truelove's unique Colored Stick Program. Much like the martial arts, this curriculum is designed to allow the student to progress at their own pace but in a very structured and rewarding setting. D&D is also now offering the colored Pick program for Stringed instruments.
    Our Fun "Try It Out" Crash Courses are very popular and give you a chance to play on these kits and see what is really required to play the drum set.
  • Practice Rooms
    Practice Rooms
    For drummers who need a place to practice, we offer fully set up private rental rooms. We an acoustic room and an electric drum room that as many other great tool like the Drumometer and Beatnik. They are available for you to rent by the hour or in blocks.
  • Workout & Other Classes
    Workout & Other Classes
    For students who have been playing for a while but want to push their abilities farther and faster, we offer a variety of classes. Call or email for days and times.

Drum and Drummer - School of Music - Tucson, Arizona

Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano and more!
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